Brett on his side of the room, preparing to launch the Brettoscope 9000.

Brett (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain) is a ten year old  genius on the same team as Josh and Yoko. He is younger than all the other marshals.


Brett is a headstrong genius, who despite his brilliance feels restricted by his young age. He uses his own personal computer to control the hornet, to analyze DNA, and to use Gluefoam. In addition, he hates to be called a "kid". Brett takes missions more seriously than Yoko and Josh, and often scoffs when the two leave to shirk their mission. He is the most sensible of the group, but due to his young age, and fun loving partners, he is often ignored. He is often used by Josh to do homework for him or for selfish reasons.


Unlike his roommate, Josh, Brett's side of his shared room is kept in a neat and organized fashion. Besides sleeping, Brett also does his homework, or take time to research odd phenomenons of the galaxy.


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Featured in Episode 14: Comet Surfing, Brett's handy remote telescope allowed him to scope the surroundings up to the Nebulon Galaxy and because of this, was able to help track the wanted criminal in the episode, Johnny Stardust.

Mini Vacuum RobotEdit


Mini vacuum robot.

For a class project as seen in Episode 15: Robot Reboot, Brett had programmed a mini vacuum robot to help keep his already tidy part of the room extra tidy.

Devices and WeaponsEdit

Arm ComputerEdit

An arm computer is Brett's main device used for analyzing samples and obtaining data from other planets during missions. The computer also has a gluefoam compartment, to shoot at enemies and prevent them from escaping.