Not to be confused with Shuttle.

The Hornet is the spacecraft mostly used by students of Galaxy High as transportation to reach other planets in need of their assistance. In Episode 17: Dance Dance Elimination, it was shown that dispatched hornets without authorization would receive a message asking for an explanation. Announcements reminding students to keep their hornets in regulation is sometimes made in the openings of some episodes.



The hornet is one of the larger vehicles in the Galaxy High fleet. It has 4 large rocket boosters, that rotate 180 degrees to give maximum control of the propulsion direction of the Hornet. All official Galaxy High Hornets (excluding Principal Kirkpatrick's modified variant of the Hornet) have a red and white color scheme with some blue stripe accents on the front boosters and tail, visually all windows on the Hornet appear black in the show. Each Hornet has a corresponding number and multiple Galaxy High emblems on the exterior.


The Hornet can seat 9 total persons, 3 front seats, and 6 rear seats. The pilot seat is in the middle of the front section of the Hornet, the two other seats can retract to the side mounted turrets or can remotely control other weapons by joysticks that come out of the armrests. There is a large cut out on the dashboard in front of the pilot's seat, this is often used for as space for ultrapets to sit when the Hornet is flying. There are many info displays and buttons all over the interior of the hornet. Yellow is the primary color inside the hornet, with many other colors like blue, white and red.


The Hornet carry's three marshalls and room for six passengers. In the back of the Hornet is an access door to the 6 by 6 which is standard on board of the Hornet.

Trivia Edit

  • The rocket boosters on the side of the Hornet are sometimes referred as "reactors" by mission command
  • The Shuttle can transport and even launch 4 Hornets at once
  • The Hornet is primarily used for transporting a team of 3 marshalls, individuals usually use their own defender for personal, not team activities
  • Principal Kirkpatrick has a modified Hornet which is not available for use by students of Galaxy High